Laser Scar Removal

Scars. They can be an unpleasant reminder of the past — from teenage acne to an old injury or even the chickenpox you had as a kid. Laser scar removal at our premier destination can restore the texture and quality of your skin to heal leftover damage from the past. Utilizing the Icon Aesthetic System™, a tool developed by world leaders in fractional laser technology, our aesthetic experts can revitalize your smooth, clear complexion all over again.

What It Does

Your physician will move the Icon over your scar(s), targeting fractional laser light beams to break down your scar tissue and heal the damaged skin. This innovative laser projects energy that stimulates the production of new tissue that replaces scar tissue — allowing your radiant, smooth, and undamaged skin to reveal itself. With virtually no downtime, pain, or prolonged recovery periods, this non-invasive treatment will help you forget the marks from your past.

What It Treats

Acne scars, surgical scars, piercing marks or leftover memories of the time you learned to ride a bike, the Icon boasts remarkable results on any skin type. Whether your scar is flat, raised, sunken or pitted, our experts consistently provide complete improvement of the appearance of your scars for good.
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