Millions of us will lose our once-tight and defined profiles to a soft, fuller one — starting at the chin. Now, you can redefine your jawline and embrace the power of your profile with the first and only injectable double-chin treatment. Our uniquely trained physicians offer the latest nonsurgical and proven-effective treatment to combat this resiliently troublesome area: KYBELLA.

What It Does

KYBELLA injections mimic the body’s natural fat absorption process thanks to its molecular makeup of deoxycholic acid. Our KYBELLA-trained physicians pinpoint precisely where your injections should be placed to achieve the best results. We then inject KYBELLA beneath your chin where it destroys the fat cells residing there — allowing your body to absorb excess fat and get rid of it naturally and permanently.

What It Treats

KYBELLA is a dermatologic breakthrough exclusively targeting submental fullness under the chin, also known as the double chin. A few 20-minute sessions can reveal a strong, permanent solution for this often-problematic area.

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