Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Our skin has the remarkable ability to tug, pull, and stretch itself to great lengths every day. From pregnancy to growth spurts, weight loss or gain, stretch marks have a dramatic effect on the body and are notoriously difficult to treat with topical skincare products. That’s why our board certified experts utilize the revolutionary Icon Aesthetic System™ — a groundbreaking laser technology that activates new skin cell production and heals stretch marks from the inside out.

What It Does

The Icon’s laser light beams extend deep below the surface of the skin without damaging surrounding tissue. By triggering your body’s ability to generate new collagen, elastin, and tissue, the laser helps stretch marks fill in and lighten over a series of treatments.

What It Treats

Stretch marks can affect anyone, almost anywhere on the body — from the thighs to the arms, lower back to the abdomen, buttocks and the hips. Likewise, our laser specialists can use the Icon on any skin type, in nearly any area of the body to diminish the appearance of stretch marks.
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