Laser Removal of Spots/Vessels

Maybe you’ve been kissed by the sun a few too many times, or you’ve inherited the same veins your parents have. Regardless of their cause, sunspots, birthmarks, and veins can stealthily creep into your appearance without welcome. Using the industry-defining Icon Aesthetic System™, our aesthetic experts can correct dark spots and direct veins, for good.

What It Does

Why stay at the surface when you can go skin deep? Topical creams are limited in that they typically only lighten dark spots on the surface. Icon boasts powerful, ultra-concentrated lasers that safely and effectively reach the deepest layers of your skin to break down excess melanin and dilated blood vessels while energizing your collagen — all without surgery or downtime.

What It Treats

From birthmarks to veins, sunspots and freckles almost anywhere on the body, the beauty of Icon is its remarkable versatility and unparalleled ability to combat these unsightly marks permanently. Our experts have mastered the art of dark spot laser removal so you can enjoy your skin’s even, natural glow again.
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