Laser Hair Removal

Waxing only lasts a few weeks. Shaving? A couple of days. And tweezing is usually more trouble than it’s worth. Laser hair removal is a lasting, beautiful solution that will remove those never-ending hassles of getting rid of unwanted hair. Our team uses the Icon Aesthetic System™, also known as the next generation of laser technology, to provide you with hair removal that lasts — so you can have the smooth and supple skin you’ve been chasing.

What It Does

By delivering high peak laser beams through the skin to your hair follicles, the Icon Aesthetic System’s light-based technology targets and destroys hair cells responsible for growth — without harming surrounding skin. Icon’s state-of-the-art cooling feature increases your comfort — you won’t need an anesthetic cream. And, it’s built-in calibration allows our experts to work with speed and unparalleled efficacy.

What It Treats

Say goodbye to unwanted hair anywhere on the face and the body. From the back to the chest, upper lip to brow, and legs and arms, the Icon Aesthetic System is proven to reduce or completely eliminate unwanted hair — even in those hard-to reach places. And, depending on the amount of hair you wish to remove, multiple treatments may be needed.
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