Neck Lift

Growing old is a privilege — but showing your age is optional. A sagging neck can age you beyond your years, but a neck lift can revitalize your entire appearance. Using the latest technology available today, our specially trained surgeons can help you take back your youthful look.

What It Does

When you come to us with concerns about the appearance of your neck, you’ll receive a customized plan to give you a renewed sense of comfort. In most cases, we use liposuction to remove fat and reposition your skin to tighten, smooth, and refine the look and feel of your neck. And, we can tighten the neck muscles to smooth neck bands, so your overall look is heightened.

What It Treats

Believe it or not, the telltale signs of aging start at your neck. You don’t have to live with excess skin, sagging jowls, and pockets of fat that can cause you to lose definition. With the help of our surgeons and their delicate precision, you can lose the scarves and turtlenecks and embrace your age with grace.
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