Let’s face it — we’ve all looked in the mirror and sometimes wished we were looking at a younger version of ourselves. Our surgeons understand wanting to reduce or reverse the signs of aging. And, as part of Tower Health, we’re giving you access to the latest facelift techniques and technologies to take years off of your appearance.

What It Does

A subtle but significant change, a facelift can create a firmer appearance by removing excess skin and fat to smooth the surface around your face and neck. Our board certified surgeons will make a small incision that is concealed by your hairline, and then reposition tissue to erase unwanted lines — revealing a fresher, more youthful face. If you’re bothered by the initial signs of aging, we may recommend a mini facelift for a less invasive, but highly effective result.

What It Treats

Deep wrinkles, sagging jowls, and loose skin — a facelift can reverse the effects of gravity. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your desired look and customize your treatment exclusively for you. That means no fear of a frozen look or being stuck expressionless. By using innovative procedures, our surgeons can help you achieve a naturally younger appearance that will, like you, age gracefully.
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