Breast Reconstruction

Fighting breast cancer is an intimate journey. When the time comes to consider breast reconstruction surgery, you can be confident knowing our compassionate surgeons will take the time to connect with you and eliminate your fears. As part of the nationally ranked health system, Tower Health, we offer same-day reconstruction services, minimally invasive techniques, and the highest level of clinical expertise to help you feel like you again.

What It Does

Restoring the natural look and feel of your breast after a mastectomy is our priority. Our minimally invasive techniques can rebuild your breast with limited pain and recovery time, using your own tissue or implants. When possible, our surgeons will save your nipple areolar complex to preserve the outer covering of the breast for the most natural result. We’re committed to reconstructing your breasts to be functional, but most of all, to make you confident and happy.

What It Treats

Undergoing surgery to treat breast cancer can feel just as overwhelming as your original diagnosis. However, reconstructing the breast to regain its natural shape permanently can help you move beyond your cancer. While the physical changes are what breast reconstructive surgery mainly treats, the emotional benefits are incomparable — because our surgeons focus on treating you as a whole person, including both your body and your mind. Reconstruction can renew your sense of normalcy, femininity, and self-esteem.
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