Breast Augmentation

The freedom to express yourself comes from your confidence. Perhaps your breasts have lost volume after having a baby.
Maybe you feel they aren’t in balance with the rest of your body, or you simply don’t love their shape. Now, you have access to the latest breast augmentation technology and our team of experts who have mastered this procedure. So whether you’d like to go fuller or more shapely, our skilled surgeons can maintain your natural look and amplify your satisfaction.

What It Does

Your breast augmentation focuses specifically on increasing the size of your breasts using either implants or a fat transfer. We’ll insert an implant under or over your pectoral muscle, depending on the size you desire and type of implant chosen. If you’d like a smaller increase, one of our expert surgeons may recommend a fat transfer — where fat is taken from another part of your body and injected into your breast.

What It Treats

Asymmetry. Shape. Size. Whether you’re trying to get your breasts back to their pre-baby look, reverse the signs of aging, or simply increase your chest size, our team tailors their surgical expertise to meet your individual needs and achieve breasts that best suit your body and your wishes.
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