Upper and Lower Extremity Reconstructive Surgery

When you overcome a disease or trauma, it can be hard to think about next steps — but our compassionate, board certified reconstructive surgeons are here to help you move forward. Whether you’ve endured damage from skin cancer or another trauma, our team will create a personalized plan to completely restore the function of your upper and/or lower extremities to help you feel like you again.

What It Does

After a thorough examination of your specific case, our clinical experts will utilize a variety of advanced surgical techniques to restore your natural function while elevating the aesthetics of your injured area. Whether you require an intricate microsurgery, meticulously executed soft tissue grafts, or even bone grafts, we will work with you to help you move beyond your injury.

What It Treats

Upper and lower extremity reconstruction with our highly specialized team will help you put your traumatic injuries or reminders of skin cancer behind you. As part of the award-winning health system, Tower Health, you can rest assured, knowing you’ll always receive the highest level of expertise to keep you thriving.
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