Thigh Lift

Your thighs. Whether you love them or hate them — it’s very likely you have an opinion on them. If you’ve committed to diet and exercise and still can’t achieve the legs you’ve been looking for, our surgical experts can help. Refine, define, and improve the shape of your thighs with a state-of-the-art thigh lift and own a pair of legs you adore.

What It Does

By reducing the appearance of excess fat and removing extra skin, our renowned surgeons will contour your thighs to a shape that fits and enhances your unique body. If you’re seeking further transformation, our team may also recommend liposuction in addition to your thigh lift for a toned look that’s even more defined.

What It Treats

Sagging skin, saddlebags, and thigh chafing can all be eliminated with a thigh lift from our board certified surgeons. With renewed firmness and a more youthful appearance, you can walk away confident in the look — and feel — of your slimmer, tighter thighs.
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