Losing stubborn fat isn’t easy. Perhaps you’ve managed to lose some weight, but have hit a wall getting rid of specific problem areas. Or maybe you just need an extra push. You can achieve the smoother, slimmer figure you desire with a liposuction procedure. Our experts offer the highest level of precision and artistry in liposuction with our VASER Hi Def® liposuction machine, to help you get your body to the shape you’ve been longing for — with minimal scarring and downtime.

What It Does

Your surgeon will make miniscule incisions and use our VASER Hi Def® liposuction machine to remove excess fat deposits and contour sections of your body that aren’t easily toned with diet and exercise. We will tailor this treatment to your desires and recommend specific locations for liposuction that will reshape your silhouette. The results are permanent — giving you the opportunity to start fresh and stay motivated.

What It Treats

Liposuction can be used from head to toe to remove isolated pockets of fat to reshape your problem areas — including but not limited to thighs, upper arms, hips, and waist. In one procedure, we can focus on a small area for targeted treatment or a larger section for an entire body transformation.

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