Buttock Lift

Everyone wants to love the way they look in a great pair of jeans — even from the hindside. When squats and lunges aren’t enough, a buttock lift can give you the tightened, toned, and youthful look you’ve been working toward. Boost the appearance, tone, and shape of your buttock area with a lift from our expert plastic surgeons who utilize the latest techniques.

What It Does

A buttock lift from our plastic surgeons can make the most of your assets by tightening and defining your glutes. Our experts can remove and reposition fat and skin to contour, enhance, and tighten the lower part of your body. This procedure can be paired with additional services like buttock augmentation or a tummy tuck to revitalize the total body.

What It Treats

Time and getting older can result in a behind with loose skin that can be difficult to firm even with diet and exercise. Poor skin elasticity from significant weight loss can also contribute to a less-than-fabulous behind. A buttock lift can dramatically improve the look of the lower body and add some pep to your step.
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