Arm Lift

Books to read, food to eat, babies to raise – we carry a lot with our arms. They’re one of the most active parts of our bodies, and sometimes aging can get the best of them. With technologically advanced techniques, our surgeons can effortlessly improve the definition and tone of your arms with an arm lift surgery – so you can feel proud of those arms and all they do.

What It Does

With minor incisions and techniques they’ve perfected, our body contouring specialists will reshape your arms. We remove excess fat and skin on your upper arms to tighten and tone the muscles for a leaner look.

What It Treats

Loss of elasticity can cause loose skin and emphasize stubborn fat. An arm lift will help you shed that extra skin — so you can embrace all of the best characteristics of your arms, including how they look. Your arms do a lot for you. Love the arms you have.
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